Why Experience Life Between Lives?

You will know if you are to experience this.  We come here with full knowledge of who we are, and in the end every path we take will bring us to the same place.

All of life’s experience plays out before us and sometimes we become embedded in the experience – whether that be for the good or not so.  When this happens we can feel trapped or in deep pain or lost and confused, but it always passes and we always seem to find our way.

This comes from a higher source than what we can sometimes see in the world as we witness the suffering and discord.  We are eternal souls and we have so much to give in our lifetime if we could only just realise this, to know that the being is so much more than we recognise and indeed when we come to know we can see through new eyes clearly and direct our lives from the very centre of our being  feeling as though we are home again.

So, wherever you are in your journey know that you are deeply loved and deeply needed because you have things to give which only you can give to this world, and when you do the result of that will resonate through time itself.

Life Between Lives can help you in discovering the truth of who you are.

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Example of a life between lives regression

Morag:  As you move away from your body do you feel any pulling sensation?

Client: Yes, it’s powerful but gentle.

Morag: Is there a bright light just above you?

Client: Lots of purple colours and a light.  It’s further up. There’s loads of space and you are just floating dead gently up.  See like you see a feather floating down? You’re going like that – up.

Morag: Just allow yourself to float up higher and higher.  Just be aware at some point an entity may come to meet you.  Now this may well be your spirit guide, but it might be your primary soul mate.  So just let me know when this entity joins up with you.

Client: It’s not a guide.  It’s a bit of energy, a bit of light.

Morag: Does it feel that it is taking you by the hand? Or does it seem to envelop you with loving energy?

Client: A loving energy.

Client takes a moment to absorb and feel this loving presence.  She then relays that there has been a guide there all the way through.  She notes that it is a male Native American Chief.

Morag: What is the name of your spirit guide?

Client: Mahawka.

Morag: Are you receiving any telepathic communications from Mahawka?

Client: He’s showing me his hair, his pleats.  He’s showing me his back, and he’s showing me his arrows.  To me, telepathically he says to me  “Watch, see beauty, but watch back.  Be protected.” And he’s climbing. He’s took me to the top of a mountain.  It’s a big circle, it’s like an arena, but it’s from the top of the world looking down.  Into this big hole.  It’s beautiful; you can see the trees and the colours.  He’s saying to watch, to be aware.  Meditate and watch beauty within and let it shine out and follow him, follow his footsteps.  He’s showing me before he was a chief, he’s showing me these stairs to take your family with you, your loved ones with you, any little children you’ve got get them following your footsteps and make them all climb up.  I’m seeing beautiful colours, like a peacock, just to go up and it’s getting warmer from the feet up, the healing and they are showing me green, a beautiful green colour, but I’ve got to take it to the heart.

After further exploration here, the client recognised that she had been feeling unwell at this time in her life because she had been cutting off from her guidance from the spiritual realm.  She was then directed by her spirit guide to go and visit the elders.

Morag: What name do you call these beings?

Client: The council.

Morag: Do you go with your guide or do you go by yourself?

Client: I’m there by myself.

Morag: How many beings do you see there waiting for you?

Client: Fifteen.

Morag: Do you see any gender characteristics?

Client: They are all male.

Morag: Do you have a sense of one of them as a chairperson?

Client: They all have their opinion.  Then there are three of them who decide then it goes to one person.  There is a row of nuns as well.  They are female. 7 of them.

The client explained that in the room there were two other souls there and these souls she felt she was connected too.  That these souls were being judged, that they had done something wrong.  The client expressed that the council were not hard on the two souls and had relayed the message that the two souls were indeed judging themselves for the wrong that they had done.  Further into the session the client realised that these two souls were a part of her and that she recognised that she was being told to not be so hard on herself.

Morag: What’s the most important characteristic that defines the real you which you carry from life to life?

Client: Wisdom.

Deeper into the session the client was then guided to a classroom situation, she was then guided through a desert where she stood with her spirit guide.

Client: He’s showing me a big torch.  He’s swirling it.  He’s trying to show me that on the earth plane he’s standing looking up to the stars up in the sky.  He’s making a circle, that’s a hole you make into the universe.  You can travel through it.  He’s says he can take me there. He says “you have to look up to just the sky, no further than the sky.”  And it’s hard because I want to go and it’s holding me back, the sky’s holding me back

Morag: With that in mind, have you ever taken an incarnation in another dimension or world or has it always been on the earth plane?

Client: I seem to belong up there. I’m going to another place; it’s all smooth cut, dimensional.  It’s all crystals.  Every place you look, the light is just flashing and you see the shape and the cut of it.  There’s pinks, there is a beautiful pink colour and green colour and they are the colours they are showing me.  The rest is clear white.

Morag: Have you been in this place before?

Client: Oh Yes, it’s beautiful.  It’s an energy place.  I could cry.  There is a star with six edges.  Everything is made of this crystal and it goes up and up and up.  I’m being taken right up, like mountains.  I’m being taken to this big star; it’s got loads of circles and loads of sparkly bits.  There is a person up there, like a King.

Morag: Is it the creator?  Is it God?

Client: Yes, it is.  I’m allowed to meet him.  I can take him on, the persona of him on.  It’s like a big lion.  Your heart is tiny, it’s nothing compared to this place.  It’s just like a heart, a sacred heart.  No, it’s where the heart starts.  It’s pure love.  There is no fear.  Oh right, they are giving me that.  It’s me that’s the cat.  Nothing can touch you in here.  Nothing can touch you.  That’s the old me, how she used to feel, nothing bothered me before.  It’s great.  It’s amazing.  Inside out, outside in.  The colours are merging into each other.

She realised that this place where she received incredible feelings of love and peace were always there available for her to feel and that she has to remember this.

The client proceeded to then witness the other life choices she had before she came into this life and was able to see why she chose the body she has today.  She also discovered certain things which she had to explore in this lifetime to help her to fulfil her soul’s purpose.

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Example of a life regression

The client entered into a previous lifetime, the one entered will be the most useful for the client to help them as they come to feel more fully realised in waking life.  There may be issues from many, many lifetimes which still have residual effect in the one which is now lived, so it’s important that any hurts or wounds which present themselves during a session be healed and released.  If these don’t present in a session there will always be a powerful message for the person to bring back to waking life.

The client entered into a life where she appeared as a kestrel flying over a battlefield in Stirling.  She relayed that she had been sent to observe the future.  She was from Egypt 1244 BC.  She had the ability to not only change her form into that of a kestrel, but could also time travel into the future.

Morag: In the Egypt time are you male or female?

Client: Male.

Morag: So you can transmutate and transport yourself in the shape of a bird?

Client: I can go to different times, for knowledge.

Morag: What name do people call you by?

Client: Ozz. Ozzy.

Morag:  Do you get sent to different time periods to choose your next lifetime?

Client:  I go to bring back information.  I go and I am the first one who has been there. To look into the future.  It’s only me that knows.

Morag: So do you take the knowledge back to the Egyptian leaders?

Client: Yeah, It’s in a temple and they all sit and everyone has the same amount of       judgement and then they decide.

Morag: Do this council have the ability to change that future scene?

Client: No, they just can’t believe that it’s so helpless.  And it’s also so different from anything they have ever seen, to go that far into the future.  It’s a big step.

Client relays she is now old and that this is the last journey that she does in that particular lifetime.

Morag: I want you to go to the last day of that lifetime.  How old are you?


Morag: What do you feel about that life you led?  Was it a good life?

Client: Yeah.

The client then relayed that in this previous life she had a little boy and that the little boy had children.  The client said that Ozz had a wife and that in that lifetime they sat around the fire telling stories together.

Morag: I want you to detach yourself from any physical pain or discomfort.  I want you to float safely and gently above that body in that lifetime, going to that timeless place and placeless time where all things are revealed in their fullness.  And from that higher perspective what are the lessons that you learned in that lifetime as Ozzy?

Client: It’s nice to be free.

Morag: Did you grow spiritually in that lifetime?

Client: Yes.

Morag: Is there anything you could have done better?

Client: No.

Morag: What brought you the greatest happiness or fulfilment in that lifetime?

Client: Travel and adventure.

Morag: Is there anything in that you learned or accomplished in that life that can help you in the life you are now living in 2010?

Client: To start thinking.  Thinking spiritually to grow.  Just to remember about all the things I’ve done in my past spiritually that I’ve had the chance to be lucky to be chosen to do that.

Morag: Please relay a message from your past life self Ozzy.  What does your past life self wish to communicate to your present life self?

Client: Take heed.

Morag: Give a message from yourself to Ozzy.

Client: Thank you so much.

Morag: What does Ozzy want you to do with this life?

Client: Carry forth.

Morag: I want you to look into the eyes of everyone you saw.  Those you love, the person who was special to you.  And tell me, is there anybody in that lifetime who you recognise in your life today? You may not recognise them physically, but you will recognise their soul energy.

Client: There are a few.  They come and go.  It’s after they are gone you say I know them. I wish, I wish I could, and then no. Just think and feel and take it on board and enjoy the moment, knowing that you knew.  It must have been good time, a good person a good place.  Nothing is bad.

Morag: Can you recreate that in your life today?

Client: If I was to meet more of them, more people, like what I am doing now, then this is such a good place to be.  It’s a beautiful feeling and a beautiful place to be.  And I really want and I’m going too put myself in that place again, and again and again.

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Life Between Lives | Past Lives

During a Life Between Lives hypnotherapy regression you can discover previous lives you have lived before this incarnation.  Within these lives you may have suffered great loss or led a charmed life, you may have worked on developing the mind or have become masterful in physical form.  The Life Between Lives reveals that the soul chooses the life they are to be born into, knowing all which that entails from the tribulations to the joys.  This is understood as a way to help the soul develop in the best way possible.

The lives you have lived previously can become helpful to your understanding of the life you now partake in.  They will reveal to you not only the immortal within your being, but will also show you why certain things have come to be.  Also, through them it is possible to remove and heal the past hurts which we have carried onward into this life and expand our awareness of who we really are.

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Life Between Lives | Soul Review

The spirit world is one of deep love and compassion.  In a Life Between Lives session we can go to a very special place to meet those guides and wise ones whom assist us to revue a life which we once led.

During this time the soul can witness this from a more loving and all encompassing perspective and see that perhaps some events which occurred were there to help the soul, which may not have been understood during that particular lifetime.

Also a soul is able to see what they learned as a result of their life experience and how they fulfilled the purpose in which they lived.

This is of tremendous benefit to the growth of the soul and indeed if in this lifetime you are experiencing any similar occurrences which occurred in a previous life, then what you discover can be used to help you in the life you now live.

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Life Between Lives and Soul Groups

As we live we begin to see that some people have come to us and carry with them some extra significance.  These people can be our nearest and dearest, our eternal soul mate, members of our family, someone who came out of the blue and changed our lives forever, a good friend we met by chance and  the people whom have popped up in a very trying time just for a few moments and offered us some much needed assistance. 

Soul groups carry recognition, it may be something in the way they feel, the sparkle in their eyes, the strength they impart or the circumstances in which you met.  There is something to these particular people in your life which feels God sent and even if you cannot put your finger on what it is, you just know inside that somehow these people are meant to be with you and the feeling of familiarity whether reached instantly or over a period of time cannot be denied.

In a Life Between Lives exploration it is possible to see those people whom are presently or whom have been in your life and discover that indeed you have travelled many lifetimes with them and shall continue to do so.

In each lifetime you may appear in different roles as the play of life unfolds, but each person you share this connection with will help you in your life, by creating something together, learning something from them or even going through a difficult time and transforming through the experience.  Once you recognise this a whole new opportunity and way of relating to one another can open, this is a very profound and life altering experience.

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Death and Life Between Lives

Losing a loved one can be  a complete devastation, so entwined we are to those whom we love that when they leave us physically and “seemingly” forever the feeling of loss one has can throw the person left behind into the deepest reaches of despair and isolation.  The grieving process is a unique and personal experience which each and everyone must pass through whilst we remain alive.  This can often lead to questioning one’s own existence and the meaning of life itself and our part within it.

For some, the only way to continue is to lock up all their suffering inside as a way to cope and function as the wheels of life turn, when all outside seems to be carrying on as normal.  When the mind is in such turbulence a person will feel separated from love, peace and life.

The feeling of finality brings many emotions and experiences to mind, so great has another person touched our lives, shared our journey and perhaps too there are many things left unsaid and undone, that a need exists to know this is not the end and that you will be with them again.

As death is explored you come to realise that this is not the end, the loved one’s live on inside of you – through their wisdom and guidance, through their personality, through the moments you shared, through their own uniqueness of being, and that part remains with you and is a way for you to still be with them, to talk to them and continue to share with them.  When the mind relaxes then we can experience in our own world those souls whom we love and miss so dearly – this will take a very personal form and may come from a song you associate with them, or a personal item which they gifted to you, or a sense of them being near you, or a dream or through another person’s words.

Life Between Lives can assist you in the realisation that you are never apart from those whom you love.  That they still exist and are still there and can oftentimes come to help you in your life. Also, at the same time it will enhance your understanding about death.

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What is Life Between Lives?

Life Between Lives is a hypnotherapy regression in the super conscious state of awareness.  This will assist you in your waking life by revealing to you that which is eternal within yourself.

It is a tool to help you on your spiritual journey and also a means to bring more clarity and peace into your life.

Life Between Lives takes you to the spirit world where you can explore that most intimate and private experience of your being.

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  • Example of a Life Between Lives Regression Session

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