What is Life Between Lives Regression?

What is Life Between Lives?

Most people these days will have heard the term the term “past-life regression” but have you heard of “Life Between Lives“?  Basically it’s taking a past life regression a little bit further. During a “Past Life” regression you recall what happened to you during a past lifetime, but what happens to the real you between one existence and the next?


Experiences of travel to life between lives are not uncommon.  Survivors of road accidents or any such fatalities often talk of a vision of blinding light or passing through a bright tunnel. The survivors also describe their own accident as seeing it from a distance like watching a movie.

Traveling to your past lives or previous births is also a process of traveling to a life between lives. The process of past life regression can be implemented to achieve this with the help of hypnosis, added with suggestions and questions so that the earlier memories can be recovered. Past life regression on one hand is a spiritual exercise and on the other can also be used to identify solutions to the problems you are facing in the present life.

A life between lives regression is also another form of advanced hypnotic regression technique where not only can a person regress to past lives and their memories, but also have new experiences in the same. This kind of regression may take you to a different plane of consciousness altogether where you can meet friends, guides and others. Life between lives regression therefore can be induced by both spiritual and therapeutic avenues, but it leaves no thread of doubt that any such experience has a positive implication and increases knowledge about self , your inner powers of the subconscious mind and experience of a spiritual journey where one’s full potential are realised.

Why Would You Do It?

Have you ever thought about why are you here?  Why are you living the life you are living?  This is your chance to find out.  During a regression, you will be guided back to a past life experience, you will follow it through to the death scene and explore your experiences thereafter.  Everyone’s experience of “life between lives” is unique to them and could very well be life changing.

You may meet some of your Guides, experience intense healing, make contact with the Elders/Wise Ones.  Various areas throughout the Spirit world may be visited.  Each and every journey is specific to the individual.

Whilst visiting the Elders/Wise Ones you will be given the chance to ask any questions that you have prepared.  These can be about your personal life, your spiritual journey or general queries about evolution etc.  A Life Between Lives regression can take up to 4 hours to carry out.  It is strongly recommended that a Past Life Regression is done prior to the “life between life regression”, as this will help to enable the deeper level of trance that is necessary for this work.

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