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Life Between Lives | example of a life regression | Life Between Lives Regression

Example of a life regression

The client entered into a previous lifetime, the one entered will be the most useful for the client to help them as they come to feel more fully realised in waking life.  There may be issues from many, many lifetimes which still have residual effect in the one which is now lived, so it’s important that any hurts or wounds which present themselves during a session be healed and released.  If these don’t present in a session there will always be a powerful message for the person to bring back to waking life.

The client entered into a life where she appeared as a kestrel flying over a battlefield in Stirling.  She relayed that she had been sent to observe the future.  She was from Egypt 1244 BC.  She had the ability to not only change her form into that of a kestrel, but could also time travel into the future.

Morag: In the Egypt time are you male or female?

Client: Male.

Morag: So you can transmutate and transport yourself in the shape of a bird?

Client: I can go to different times, for knowledge.

Morag: What name do people call you by?

Client: Ozz. Ozzy.

Morag:  Do you get sent to different time periods to choose your next lifetime?

Client:  I go to bring back information.  I go and I am the first one who has been there. To look into the future.  It’s only me that knows.

Morag: So do you take the knowledge back to the Egyptian leaders?

Client: Yeah, It’s in a temple and they all sit and everyone has the same amount of       judgement and then they decide.

Morag: Do this council have the ability to change that future scene?

Client: No, they just can’t believe that it’s so helpless.  And it’s also so different from anything they have ever seen, to go that far into the future.  It’s a big step.

Client relays she is now old and that this is the last journey that she does in that particular lifetime.

Morag: I want you to go to the last day of that lifetime.  How old are you?


Morag: What do you feel about that life you led?  Was it a good life?

Client: Yeah.

The client then relayed that in this previous life she had a little boy and that the little boy had children.  The client said that Ozz had a wife and that in that lifetime they sat around the fire telling stories together.

Morag: I want you to detach yourself from any physical pain or discomfort.  I want you to float safely and gently above that body in that lifetime, going to that timeless place and placeless time where all things are revealed in their fullness.  And from that higher perspective what are the lessons that you learned in that lifetime as Ozzy?

Client: It’s nice to be free.

Morag: Did you grow spiritually in that lifetime?

Client: Yes.

Morag: Is there anything you could have done better?

Client: No.

Morag: What brought you the greatest happiness or fulfilment in that lifetime?

Client: Travel and adventure.

Morag: Is there anything in that you learned or accomplished in that life that can help you in the life you are now living in 2010?

Client: To start thinking.  Thinking spiritually to grow.  Just to remember about all the things I’ve done in my past spiritually that I’ve had the chance to be lucky to be chosen to do that.

Morag: Please relay a message from your past life self Ozzy.  What does your past life self wish to communicate to your present life self?

Client: Take heed.

Morag: Give a message from yourself to Ozzy.

Client: Thank you so much.

Morag: What does Ozzy want you to do with this life?

Client: Carry forth.

Morag: I want you to look into the eyes of everyone you saw.  Those you love, the person who was special to you.  And tell me, is there anybody in that lifetime who you recognise in your life today? You may not recognise them physically, but you will recognise their soul energy.

Client: There are a few.  They come and go.  It’s after they are gone you say I know them. I wish, I wish I could, and then no. Just think and feel and take it on board and enjoy the moment, knowing that you knew.  It must have been good time, a good person a good place.  Nothing is bad.

Morag: Can you recreate that in your life today?

Client: If I was to meet more of them, more people, like what I am doing now, then this is such a good place to be.  It’s a beautiful feeling and a beautiful place to be.  And I really want and I’m going too put myself in that place again, and again and again.

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